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Tankless Water Heater

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tankless water heater2 - Tankless Water HeaterHomeowners have great new options when it comes to their home’s water heaters. For the last few decades, advances in technology has made tankless water heaters one of those options. Tankless water heaters provide a space-saving and efficient solution that improves the comfort, cost and water usage for many people.

R-Mech Heating, Cooling, Plumbing has been providing professional installation and repair of tankless water heaters to homes across the Kansas City area for 2 decades. We are the experienced team of plumbers and heating and air technicians who know how to ensure your home is equipped with the right equipment for your home and needs. We work to make sure you have the system that gives you as much hot water as your family consumes without having to face the unnecessary expense of a unit that is much larger than needed.

R-Mech technicians can install any brand or type of tankless water heater in your home, including such high-quality brands as Noritz and Rinnai. R-Mech was the first Rinnai tankless water heater specialist in Kansas City.


A large 50-gallon traditional water heater isn’t the best option for every family or home. The cost to keep that large amount of water heated in that 50-gallon tank may be wasted energy and expense. If you do not need to have that much heated water at any given time, you may find that a tankless water heater is the right solution for your home and family.


One benefit of a tankless water heater is that it heats the water only when you need it. This minimizes energy use, saving you somewhere between 25 – 50 percent of fuel costs compared to a traditional tank water heater.


A tankless unit also provides some relief in knowing it doesn’t face some of the repairs and issues that a typical unit does. Simply put, without a large tank, there is no chance of a problematic leak.


A traditional water heater can be expected to fail after about 8-10 years. A gas-burning tankless water heater, on the other hand, can often operate well for 20 years or more. Electric-burning tankless units have a shorter life expectancy, by 7-10 years, but still can be expected to work longer than a tank water heater.


While you can expect a smaller energy bill with a tankless water heater, the overall investment of making this switch takes a while to be paid back. The installation of a tankless water heater typically costs about twice that of a traditional tank unit. But over time, it will pay for itself. You won’t just benefit by having lower monthly heating bills, but also by having an additional decade or more of use before needing to replace it.

Are you curious to know if a tankless water heater is the right option for your family and your home? Contact us and one of our R-Mech technicians experienced in tankless installation will go over your family’s water usage, your home specifications and other factors to help you decide if a tankless unit is right for you.


Choosing to switch to a tankless water heater means you will have some maintenance to perform. Once a year the unit will need to be flushed in order to prevent mineral buildup from clogging it. This is a relatively simple task that homeowners should be able to do in under a half hour themselves. However, this tankless flushing is part of the maintenance service R-Mech provides as part of our S.A.F.E. program. Learn about our S.A.F.E. maintenance program and how we can ensure your home’s entire plumbing and HVAC systems are remaining efficient and operating at peak performance all year round.


Plumbing problems can be a huge headache. If you live anywhere in or around the Kansas City area and you’re experiencing any plumbing problems, from leaky pipes to water quality issues, give us a call at (816) 920-5955 or contact us online. We fix leaky pipes, dripping faucets, frozen pipes, and much more. Our prompt, courteous, and professional service technicians will fix your plumbing problems and put your mind at ease.

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