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" Tried to upscale us. Not very impressed"
C . M from Lees Summit, MO on March 29th, 2017
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" My problem was not resolved. Although the plumber opened the trap which was empty, I still have a horrible order emitting from the sink drain. There was no suggestion of how to resolve this except pour vinegar down it. That did not work. "
C . W from Kansas City, MO on March 1st, 2017
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" I have struggled with this response as I dislike making negative comments. I called for service on a sink, faucet, and shower. The faucet needed a new O ring (which I had reported when I made the appointment. The drain in the sink needed to be replaced, and the shower was difficult to turn on/off. The technician was prompt, respectful, and appeared to know his trade. However, he was not equipped to repair any of the items on the list. Had I not bought a drain for the sink and had it on hand, the entire visit would have been a complete waste of time. The tech did put some silicone on the faucet O ring, as the ones I had purchased did not fit, nor did his. The faucet appeared to be marginally better, but after a few uses, not so. He did install the sink drain, and I assume it is working as intended. He also put silicone on the shower valve and cleaned it, again, marginally better. So basically, I paid $259.00 to have the sink drain installed. Yes, I am less that satisfied with the value received for the price I paid. I had purchased a replacement shower head, faucet and valve, but when told it would cost $500 dollars to install I declined. I will likely not call this company again."
J . B from Kansas City, MO on June 6th, 2016
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"Big mess left property damage work area not protected. plumbing mistake causing water damage . one man doing a 2 man job. did not shut off main inside before turning on outside. waiting to see how you are going to make this right. Stepped on sheet metal screw and cut my foot later, Big calcium mess out back. maybe some dead grass also. do you have clean up supplies? water was being soaked up with my personal clothing. this is bull. do you own drop cloths or tarps. How much experience does your helper have?"
S . from , on March 1st, 2016
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"We have no record of performing service for anyone by your name, in what appears to be blue Springs, in the past several weeks. This issue has not been reported to our office, technicians or managers. We have called and checked in with all of our customers from the past week and there is no report of this issue or anything like it. Please call someone from R-Mech to discuss the nature of this incident and we will gladly try and resolve it. At this time, we have nothing to go on other than this fairly anonymous review on our website. "
- R - Mech
"Unfortunately now the pressure is so low that it takes 12 sometimes 15 minutes for the wahing machine tub to fill. This totally unacceptable. And trying to take a shower on the second floor is a joke. The pressue is so low that the water still runs fron the faucet when you turn on the shower. And I am not allowed to take a bath - it would probably take an hour to fill the tub any way."
S . S from Kansas City, MO on December 22nd, 2015
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"Unfortunately the item which would of fixed my toilet was not available by the technician but he was able to tell me what part I needed to purchase to fix the problem after he asked me to Google "toilet flappers". The item was NOT available at Lowes or Home Depot but was found at a plumbing store. "
M . B from Shawnee, KS on October 14th, 2015
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"I made the appointment and specified three tasks. Only one was completed. Nothing since."
R . A from Kansas City, MO on July 24th, 2015
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"They were very professional and seemed to know what they were talking about. I admit they did go out of their way to try and help but I'm still sitting here with a bathtub I can't use and am really upset because I've been stood up twice by Roy who I last spoke to on ThursdayThursday night and he distinctly told me he would stop by my house Friday and give me a quote on installing a new tub, but just as he did the Friday before this Friday I received no phone call and he never showed up. So what am I suppose to do now? ?????"
S . H from Imdependence, MO on April 25th, 2015
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"Work done was fine, but prices were ridiculous for the simple work required for two toilet repairs -- over $600 when you include the Angie's list 'deal' ($89) and after taking into account the $50 credit. Needless to say, I reduced the scope of work to the minimum that I felt would be difficult to perform myself. Won't be calling on R-Mech for future plumbing needs. "
C . M from Overland Park, KS on April 11th, 2015
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"Tried to schedule an appt with Roy at a rental property. I received a call back that evening but they could not schedule me as they said Roy had not input required info. They were going to call back first thing in the morning. I had to call back mid morning as I received no call. I scheduled for 9am the next morning and differentiated the difference in rental address where the water heater was to be installed and my billing address. I confirmed that 9am was his first appointment of the day. I arrived at rental at 9am and called to check on Roy's delay. I was told that he had an emergency call and besides there is a two hour window. Really? This was news to me. Roy arrived at the rental by 10. I received a call from my husband at home (billing address) that stated Cole the other plumber with the water heater was standing in front of him. Really???? Some serious changes need to be made with office staff. I've used Roy's services the past few years and like the quality of his work as well as his integrity but the office procedures leave something to be desired. Service with Roy was excellent. Service with office staff was below average. "
B . H from Lenexa, KS on March 30th, 2015
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