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"rust on just cleaned carpet"
D . B from Shawnee Mission, KS on January 25th, 2016
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W . R from Kansas City, MO on January 21st, 2016
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"I have a heat pump which I don't want to use as gas is less expensive. I ask your representative to change the thermostat to use furnace only. He said the Em heat was the setting for furnace only. So at 6:08 pm the heat pump is working and the furnace is not. He said the furnace was working properly. I have used your company for a number of years and now am wondering if I made the correct decision"
J . W from Leawood, KS on December 19th, 2015
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"Wrong size hot water heater."
D . S from Grain Valley, MO on September 28th, 2015
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"Marvin was great the not having all the paperwork for financing and such was very unprofessional. the fact that your office had a gas leak was part of the problem but i feel all of the paperwork for this job should have been ready at least a day or two before the exact install day. Marvin was great and handled his job very professionally under not the best of circumstances. "
T . M from Blue Springs, MO on August 10th, 2015
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"I was disappointed that you would be so unfriendly on the phone about payment inside of 48 hours. This bill was paid by a third party so it took an extra day. You should understand your customer better."
P . P from Grandview, MO on August 7th, 2015
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"Day 1: Called just after 5pm for services and was ok paying the extra $99 for "after hours" service. Had tried a few things myself and had been without ac since I returned from vacation on Saturday. This was Monday. Tech said unit was low on charge. After adding 2 lbs of R22 at $89 per lb he determined the unit to have a bad TXV. He did not have the part on his truck. He stated he would get the part the next day and call me before 8am to determine if this was warranty work and set up a time to return for the repairs. Day 2: I took off work thinking the tech would return sometime that day to replace the TXV. Did not hear from him all morning and I finally had to call at 10:30am. I was put on hold several times and told they could repair it the following week. After I refused they said he could return between 3 and 5 on Wednesday. I gave the dispatcher my cell number and said to make sure they call that number. Day 3: Did not hear from anyone all day. I left work early at 3pm and arrived at home at 3:30. At 5pm I finally called dispatch and found out the tech had showed up at 3pm and nobody was home. Checked my phone and of course they had called my home phone to tell me he was on his way. Was told he would return after dinner. He arrived at 6:30pm, pumped down my unit and then informed me he had been given the wrong part. He would have to return Thursday at 3 to 5 again to repair the unit. 4 days without AC is unacceptable when I call a reputable company and am given the runaround. I will await my final outcome to make my final report to Angies List since that is where I went to begin with so I could get fast reliable service. "
J . H from Lee\'s Summit, MO on July 23rd, 2015
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"I am very disappointed in the plumbing service. The plumber had to replace the the parts in our toilet tank. We have never had a leak. Within 24 hrs of the service, we had a very severe leak to the ceiling of our kitchen, which is directly below the bathroom.I called your company and they sent out the same plumber who, of course is going to defend his work. His explanation made no sense. He said that it leaked because we used it after it was not in use for weeks. We have 4 bathrooms and we seldom use 2 of the toilets and never had a leak. The plumber obviously broke the seal as he was replacing the guts of the toilet. This happened just before we left on our vacation so we have not had a chance to address this with the company. This is the worse response to any service I have received. I paid quite a bit of money for a service that will end up costing way more than to have a new toilet installed. "
V . D from Liberty, MO on July 14th, 2015
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"Technician said low on freon and was sure if he opened up the furnace he could "shut it down". Thought we could still get some cool air until a new system is purchased but unit doesn't work at all. When looked at we could see the outside unit wasn't cleaned at all. Full of cottonwood seeds. I don't feel I received the service I normally do from R-Mech and that I expected. Would like to speak with someone about correcting this as well as the quote given for new units. Please call: 816-876-6102."
D . F from Kansas City, MO on June 7th, 2015
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"I have tried to call you but there is no answer. Kyle came last night and thought he had fixed the basement toilet that he had worked on Friday. He said to check the towel we put around it and check in the AM. The whole bathroom and attached closet is soaked with water this AM. Two of the toilets he worked on upstairs I decided to check and there was leaking around the turn off valve in one bathroom and the guest bathroom he replaced the $169.00 part because it was letting the toilet fill too high he said. I had no problem with this toilet but had ask that all be checked when I called in. This toilet now is ruining to the top and doesn't sop running so I turned the water off. I need someone to fix whatever is going on. I know this is Sunday but I have a mess!!!!!"
V . V from Linwood, KS on March 29th, 2015
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