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Precision Drain Cleaning That Protects Your Yard

New Sewer Pipe Tool That Minimizes Damage to Your Landscaping

New Sewer & Drainpipe Technology to Detect Problems

Having slow pipes is a real problem, and it can be an especially frustrating one. You know there may be blockage somewhere in your pipes, but knowing exactly where the blockage is can be a real struggle. Over the years, new technology has aided plumbers and other service technicians to better locate the source of the backup. It’s the first step in solving the problem.

R-Mech Heating, Cooling and Plumbing has been relied upon for sewer and drain cleaning services by homeowners and business owners all across the Kansas City area. We are committed to using only the most precise tools to ensure we provide our customers with the solution that will get fully get their plumbing system running properly. That’s why R-Mech sewer and drain cleaning technicians use high-tech sewer equipment.

Gen Pipe Cleaners 90 300x291 - Precision Drain Cleaning That Protects Your YardWhat is High-Tech Sewer Equipment?

One of the new high-tech tools we use is a locator device created by General Pipe Cleaners, a leading manufacturer of high quality American-made drain cleaning equipment. This new high-tech device was made to eliminate the guesswork when inspecting sewer and drain lines, septic tanks, and buried utilities. With a screen display, this pipe locating tool gives our plumbers a visual to confirm where the real problem is.

HotSpot screen - Precision Drain Cleaning That Protects Your YardWhat makes this drain and sewer line tool great is that it allows our R-Mech technicians to quickly and precisely locate specific areas and pinpoint problems. By identifying exactly the location where we need to do work, we can minimize whatever damage may need to be done to yards, landscaping, driveways or concrete work. You can be assured that we will get directly to any breaks or blockages without needing to hunt around and destroy more of your yard than necessary.

Finding the Exact Problem Every Time

Combined with the experience of locating and working on drain and sewer issues for years, this tool has allowed for R-Mech technicians to find the exact location of the problem every single time. Great tools and years of experience mean you can rely on the work getting done right, and getting done right the first time.

No homeowner wants to have several holes dug up throughout their yard in a plumber’s effort to find the problem. It’s even worse when the problem is in pipes or drain lines under your driveway or concrete work. This often means you will be left with a large amount of costly repairs after the drain problem is fixed.  Since including adding the newest high-tech sewer tools into our arsenal of sewer and drain equipment, we haven’t had to make a second dig or cut multiple holes.

R-Mech Recognized as Drain & Sewer Line Quality Professionals

R Mech vans driveway 300x225 - Precision Drain Cleaning That Protects Your YardWe are proud of the high-quality work we continue to provide to homeowners and business owners all around the Kansas City area. And we’re happy to see our customers appreciate our work, too. They’ve helped R-Mech to be regular recipients of Angie’s List’s Super Service Award. In addition, we have received nearly 2000 5-star reviews!

You can read more about our experience with using the latest in sewer problem detection technology in this pipeline inspection article by Municipal Sewer & Water magazine.

Contact R-Mech Heating, Cooling and Plumbing the next time you find a problem with your sewer or drainpipes. You can be rest assured our technician will accurately and quickly locate and fix the source of your problem without causing unnecessary damage to your home or yard. We get right to the problem, then we get right to the solution. Call us at (816) 920-5955.

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