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R-Mech Technicians Service Communities in Northeast Kansas

R Mech van basketball 300x178 - Overland Park, KSCount on R-Mech to provide the heating, cooling and plumbing services you need. Our large HVAC and plumbing company is equipped to handle communities all around the Kansas City area, including in Overland Park, KS.

Overland Park isn’t just a town we service, it’s where we live, too. Our heating, cooling and plumbing technicians live in towns all across the Kansas City area, including here in Overland Park.

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Solving HVAC Needs in Overland Park, KS: When the other company charges too much

Pinehurst neighborhood Overland Park 300x225 - Overland Park, KSSometimes you find a service company you’ve come to rely on, but then things change. That’s exactly what happened to Glen, a homeowner who lived in the Pinehurst subdivision in Overland Park. The heating and cooling company he had used for years had changed ownership and their service quality went down while their estimates for work went way up. Glen decided to go with another company and, from a recommendation from a friend, gave us at R-Mech a call.

It was the end of the summer, but still very hot in the Kansas City area, when Glen’s air conditioning stopped blowing out cool air. We went out and was able to fix the AC problem and do it at a much lower cost than what his previous HVAC company had quoted him. Glen was very happy with our service and our price. When winter rolled around and a furnace problem popped up for him, Glen called us to come fix that problem as well.

Those two service calls aren’t the only times Glen hears from R-Mech. As a S.A.F.E. member, Glen receives HVAC tune up schedule reminders. We appreciate Glen’s attentiveness to his home’s heating and cooling system that will help ensure his Overland Park home stays comfortable, energy-efficient and less likely to need repair. And as an engineer himself, Glen appreciates our technicians’ attention to detail and passion for doing a job right.

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The work we did for Glen is just an example of what we do for all our customers. We are there when we are needed and quickly solve the problem to make the homeowner comfortable again. It’s about doing good work, being relied upon for their next heating, cooling and plumbing needs, and being trusted we do the job completely and professionally.

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Servicing Homes All Around Kansas City

Van Cropped2 300x113 - Overland Park, KSWhether you’re in Overland Park, Kansas or on the Missouri side of Kansas City, R-Mech can service your heating, cooling and plumbing needs. From Liberty, Independence, to Kansas City itself, call on R-Mech to provide you service that will fix your problem and become the HVAC and plumbing company you know you can trust when an urgent repair is needed.

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