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R-Mech technician installing new furnace

New Furnace for a Kansas City Veteran

R-Mech Gives Back to Vietnam Veteran Who Had No Heat

December 2019

Over the winter, we can expect to receive calls from people all across Kansas City and surrounding towns who are dealing with heating problems. We work hard to respond quickly to fix their problem and restore their heat. Some problems, however, are hard to resolve quickly. And what’s worse is when the situation requires quick action.

This was the case when we received a call for furnace repair on December 7, 2019.

R Mech technician installing new furnace - New Furnace for a Kansas City VeteranHarold called us for service because smoke was coming out of his furnace and it was not heating.  R-Mech’s energy manager, Ray, went to the call located in Kansas City North in the Cooley Highlands Neighborhood.  Upon arriving, Ray found the doors and the windows of the house were open and the house was smoky. When Ray entered the house, he found Mr. Conklin sitting on the couch, quite ill, using an oxygen tank.

Ray went quick to work. He inspected the furnace and discovered a big problem. The belt was worn to the point it was slipping and causing the smoke.  But that wasn’t all. Ray found several more problems with the furnace. It wasn’t really a surprise, though. Harold’s furnace was over 40 years old. It was not safe, and it could not be repaired.

Ray spoke with Mr. Conklin and learned his unfortunate situation extended beyond a broken furnace. Harold’s wife, Rita, was recently placed into a care facility and the couple really didn’t have the means to replace the furnace. Harold was a veteran of the Vietnam War, serving in the infantry.  When his tour of duty was finished, he followed a career into printing and binding. He had been retired for 12 years. Ray found out another amazing fact: Harold has been a resident of Kansas City for 43 years, living in this very same house.

There was another important fact to know. Temperatures were quickly dropping this day across Kansas City. In fact, the temperature was going to get down to 27° that same night.

Ray left the house and purchased an electric space heater and returned right back to Harold’s home. With this heater, Harold would have heat that night. Ray then called the owner of R-Mech, Brad Chirnside, and told him about Harold’s situation. Ray recommended that we install a new furnace for Harold, and that we do it at no cost if we could. Brad agreed. Ray then arranged for a new furnace to be installed as quickly as possible.

On installation day, we sent skilled technicians Leonard, Flacco and Street, our commercial HVAC manager, to Harold’s house.  The R-Mech team installed a new efficient furnace and thermostat.  The installation required rerouting of the gas line and electrical connections as well.


Harold was very appreciative of the new furnace and told our team, “I don’t know what I did to deserve this, I a very blessed and I can’t thank R-Mech enough”.

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